The W.O.W. is a shop/blog on a mission to create and spread weekend vibes all over the world. Short for The Weekend on Web and The Weekend on Wheels, The W.O.W. is an ever moving and growing entity that is all about providing quality energy.


Why weekend energy? Because it's literally like a giant weekend whenever we're in the office. Our brand prides itself on inclusion, togetherness, co-existence and being reachable and relatable to and for everyone. Our team members are of all walks of life, races and backgrounds. In order for us to truly make a difference, we believe labels and lanes aren't for us. We focus on social justice and community healing by simply existing, enjoying each other, making space for one another, being an example of great works and proving it can be done together through many forms of wellness and creativity. We provide unique products, services, events, classes and experiences that make it exciting and comfortable for everyone to join, connect and gain. You can honestly find a little bit of this and a little bit of that all within The W.O.W. brand, so don't be surprised if you say WOW once or twice. (BTW we love when that happens.)


You can look forward to tons of unique goods in our shop, collaborations with amazing contributors, brands, entrepreneurs and professionals and loads of events and future road trips. Look out for our logo, flags, website, office and wheels !!! We're not a regular brand, were a cool brand, and were doing things our way. The sky is the limit, and we look forward to journeying with you! 

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Our most successful event to date! Look forward to the annual, "Backyard Healing Festival." Happening every year at the end of the summer! 


We're all bloggers, writers, authors, content creators. We all have opinions that should be heard! Let's talk about it on our newest future, #wowforum


Shop our updated boutique for all your metaphysical lifestyle needs. We have crystals, smudge sticks, candles, vintage + so much more...


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