Oct 17



Hey Wow Fam,


P here, long time no speak, eh!


It's been a couple weeks since the Backyard Healing Festival, but a long time since any activity online. Long story short, it was really hard managing a blog and a team, along with other components of The W.O.W. that I've had to let go of. For instance, the brick and mortar location in West Haven, CT. I've occupied, shared and made so many memories in that space. It was really hard to let that part of The W.O.W. pass, but the good news is ... we're still here and we're managing! Just like everything else, you adjust.


I came up with the idea that instead of the pressures of wrangling a team and writers or coming up with monthly posts, we should have a forum, where community is beyond social media and bigger than titles. I encourage everyone to make an account, its really simple and you can even login with your facebook and google accounts. There will be specific groups for specific topics, but feel free to open space for whatever respectful and receivable dialogue.


I look forward to see what this turns into! All my friends who are knowledgeable in certain topics and or areas feel free to pitch in any articles, findings, opinions, feelings, whoever. And anyone else who'd like to pitch in and or ask any questions, feel free!!!!


Mad love <3



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